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Injury: Foot Pain

Do you suffer from Foot Pain?
Foot pain can present in a variety of ways and can be somewhat complex to summarize briefly.  The foot is intimately connected to how you move through your lower leg and ankle, as well as how you transfer load from the body onto the foot.  

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Wall Sits

Physio Video: Ski Fitness Tip #1 – Wall Sits to Avoid Pain

This is the second video in a series of exercises to help get you ready for ski season. Now a skier requires a lot of endurance, especially the large muscles of the legs – so a great way to start to train these muscles is with Wall Sits.

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Inner Core Activation

Physio Video: How to Activate the Inner Core: Transversus Abdominus

With Holly as our model and we’re going to talk a little bit about how we activate our core muscles. If you watched the last video, you saw how we talked about what the muscles are, and now we’re going to teach Holly how to use her inner core muscles.

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