Andrew To

Andrew To, Physiotherapist


Andrew grew up in Toronto, ON, where his love of sports and physical activity developed. This led him to pursue a degree in Kinesiology. It was during this time that he further developed a passion for human performance, physical activity and helping others live optimal lives. Ultimately it led him to pursue his career in physiotherapy.  

Andrew is a big fan of hockey and sports in general, he continues to play hockey regularly and enjoys hiking and lifting weights in his free time.

Professional Training and Experience

Andrew graduated from Queen’s University with a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy. Prior to that he completed his Bachelors of Kinesiology at York University. He has experience working with various groups of people, from older adults to elite athletes. After completing his degree in kinesiology Andrew was able to work as both a registered kinesiologist and certified personal trainer. He has had the opportunity to help members of his community through research based exercise interventions, as well as train individuals privately in one-on-one sessions.

Throughout his clinical training as a physiotherapist, he has had the opportunity to work with and treat athletes in the NCAA, OHL and NHL. Andrew has continued interest in working with athletic and active individuals and plans to become involved in the Vancouver sporting community and pursue continuing education in sports physiotherapy. 

Physiotherapy Treatment

Andrew’s approach to treatment involves treating patients as a whole. He looks at more than just the physical aspects of injury in order to determine the root cause of injury. As a physiotherapist, he helps patients take an active role in their own care and he works with them in order to achieve their goals. He will take a detailed history along with a comprehensive objective assessment. 

Andrew wants to ensure you not only recover from injury and return to what you love most, but that you also develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to function more efficiently and optimally in your everyday life. Through a combination of education, manual therapy, soft tissue techniques and individualized exercise programs he will work with you to achieve your goals.  

Andrew is a big advocate of self improvement and life long learning. He has obtained his Level 1 Manual Therapy from the National Orthopaedic Division, Sports First Responder Certification and completed courses in soft tissue techniques. He stays up to date on the latest evidence based research to ensure his patients are getting the best treatments possible and he plans to continue to improve his skills through courses in IMS/Dry Needling, manual therapy and sports physiotherapy.

Andrew To out canoeing