Plantar Fasciitis Tips, North Vancouver, West Vancouver

Plantar Fasciitis Tips and Exercises to help Alleviate Foot Pain

Watch this video to learn some simple tips and exercises to help alleviate the pain of plantar fasciitis, usually presenting as foot pain or heel pain. For more individualized information, please book an appointment for an assessment of your specific needs.

Hi, this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver and I’m here today to talk a bit more about plantar fasciitis. We put out a video recently that showed you what plantar fasciitis is and basically as a quick review of some foot pain where you get pain through either the heel area or down into the foot itself and the plantar fascia is kind of like a triangle shape, fascia attachment underneath the foot that helps you to propel yourself when you’re walking or running. So plantar fasciitis is pain that people get a lot of times when they’re running or hiking or a lot of walking and footwear can help a lot but also there’s a few tools that you can do for yourself to help. So simply when this gets into trouble it’s either because it’s too short, which can tie to tightness in the calf, then we’re going to release the calf a little bit to help that move better and so we have some tools here like a stick, there’s a couple of different versions of a roller stick that we use to help release muscle tightness and with this stick you can do some massaging into the calf either in the centre of the calf or the inside of the calf to help release some tightness in there which will help that tension through the foot be a bit less. Also then we can take a little pressure point ball or you can use a tennis ball or even a golf ball at home and put it underneath your foot and do a little bit of rolling back and forth. This is just to work on releasing some of the tightness in the fascia so that your foot can move a little better and not create so much tension and pain. Finally one of the other exercises we use is using a little towel to work on activating some of the muscles in the foot trying to keep the big toe down and working some of the muscles that control the arch so that you don’t get into trouble because often plantar fasciitis comes from poor mechanics so when you’re running or standing you get some collapse perhaps happens to the foot. Now these exercises might help a bit but there also can be trouble up the chain so sometimes if when you stand on one leg your whole bodies leaning then doing work on the foot itself isn’t going to be enough so sometimes we need to source out whether there’s trouble in your knee or hip or sometimes up higher and we can help direct you what you need to do then be able to stand taller on that foot and propel yourself better without pain. So if you have more questions give us a call 604-983-6616