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Body Works Sports Physiotherapy provides a very experienced team of physiotherapists to manage sports injuries, work related injury and motor vehicle injury in North Vancouver, BC. Contact us today to get started!

The Boulevard or Grand Boulevard was once known as “The Broadest City Avenue in America”, it is nearly one mile long and almost 30 football fields wide. It dates back to 1908 when the North Vancouver Land and Improvement Company cleared the land to create wide lots along a wide central garden boulevard between two sides of the roadway which was to be surrounded by luxury homes. Grand Boulevard parks include the Green Necklace, Ottawa Gardens, Victoria Park and Mahon Park. The Lynn Valley Streetcar passed through here on its way to and from the ferry wharf at the foot of Lonsdale. When the streetcar service ended in 1947 the tracks were replaced with a foot path. The Boulevard is one of the most unique neighbourhoods in North Vancouver as it has a gorgeous park that spans the entire length of the community between West and East Grand Boulevard, between East Keith Road and 19th Street. The City of North Vancouver is currently working on the next phase of the Green Necklace Trail to allow the integration of the greenway improvements and incorporating bike paths on the perimeter of the park.

Specialized Treatment Techniques

Our physiotherapists at Body Works have internationally-recognized advanced training in specialized treatment techniques including: Manual Therapy, Joint Manipulation, IMS or Intramuscular Stimulation, Acupuncture and the highest level of sports physiotherapy training.

The Best Care You Can Get

Best Patient Comfort

Our goal is to help you achieve your best, pain-free.

Highly Skilled Physiotherapists

Our physiotherapists at Body Works have internationally-recognized advanced training.

Your Time Is Valuable

We provide focused attention on you and your needs and do not divide your time with other clients to allow us to provide the best care possible.

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What Our Patients Have to Say

Simply put, Dana’s treatment allowed me to do things like run & ride, long & hard, which years of working with other practitioners failed to accomplish. Who knew that resolving my left IT band issues would be related to postural things like right rib-cage position.This is the type of esoteric understanding of chronically altered bio-mechanics that Dana offers… no amount of poorly executed clam-shell exercises was ever going to get me there :-)

Sean C.

Meet OurTeam

Dana empowers her team and patients at Body Works to help them to achieve their very best.

Dana Ranahan


 Saja Edwards 


Steven McGee Physiotherapist

Steven McGee


 Andrew To 

Physiotherapy Resident

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At Body Works we are committed to helping you achieve your best. We develop and implement a customized treatment plan and rehabilitation of injuries to help you get moving again and enjoying a healthy active lifestyle.

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