Foam Roller for Back Pain North Vancouver, West Vancouver

Foam Roller for Back Pain

Welcome to Body Works Sports Physiotherapy’s video on using a foam roller to help release back pain. In this video we will demonstrate how to use a foam roller to help release tightness in your lower back which is often very helpful in relieving lower back pain.

So we’re here at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy and Holly is going to be doing a demonstration for us on how to use a foam roller for doing some release work through her lower back. Basically Holly’s got the foam roller set up just above her waist and she’s lifting the buttocks up and rolling back onto the roll using her hands to support her head. So it shouldn’t feel extremely painful here although it often is a bit tender and tight and in Holly’s case now she’s doing a little bit of a small amplitude rolling back and forth to target her back muscles.

Now in some cases if this is too difficult for patients to maintain because it’s a bit hard on your core muscles so often then we’ll suggest putting one elbow down onto the ground and turn a little bit to the side and in this case you can roll out one side of your back more than the other as long as your shoulder and neck are o.k. in this position. In this position then you would alternate and do some on each side or if you have one side tighter than the other you can focus on your dominate or tight side.

Rolling is meant to help get better mobility in the tissue which shouldn’t be increasingly painful although it’s often tender when you start so I don’t usually give a set number of repetitions for rolling what we do initially when you start to get better mobility in the tissue and then your back should feel like it’s a little looser and moving better after that.

If you have any questions or need some tips on technique give us a call at 604-983-6616.