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Bike Fitting


At Body Works, we are well versed in the components of a good bike fit.  Our specialty lies in ensuring that you are able to properly position your body on your bike, as well as ensuring you have a good fit of your bike to your body.

Bike fitting knee alignment

Knee alignment from the front while cycling.

Body works bike fitting knee measurement

Measuring the angle of the knee at the bottom of the pedal stroke.

Body Works Bike fitting hip position on seat

Looking and hip and pelvis position on the bike.

As part of our assessment, we may look at your muscles and joints to determine any physical restrictions or limitations that you might have in your body.  Then we will adeptly instruct you on how to improve your positioning to modify for that problem or to help improve the problem. Often, this bike fitting service if provided to physiotherapy clients who are returning to cycling or increasing their cycling training.

Our bike fitting and positioning adjustments include measurements for your foot, ankle and knee position.

We will also look at how your hips and pelvis are positioned on the seat.  This will help to set the stage for how your trunk and upper body is positioned.  This will also affect how you load your upper body and wrists on the handlebars and help to ease the load on your upper back, neck, shoulders and wrists.

As a result of our detailed physical and bike fitting assessment, we can determine where you may be compensating in your body and how you may be expending unnecessary energy.

To help with the movement problems and efficiency issues determined in our assessment, we can teach you how to incorporate core muscle activation techniques and muscle retraining activities into your pedal stroke.  Further, we can teach you improved breathing mechanics with your riding.  These tips can help provide you with a solid base for generating increased cycling power and endurance, as well as improved oxygenation and efficiency in your tissues.

Body Works Bike fitting hands and upper body positioning on handlebars

How to position your arms and hands.

Body Works Bike fitting lower back and pelvis positioning on bike with breathing

How to position your lower back and mid back.

If you are a physiotherapy client, we will also integrate the same movement retraining principles that we use in our treatment sessions and teach you how to achieve this on your bike.

Learning how to position yourself for maximal efficiency and reduced pain and stiffness, as well as simply improving how your body moves on your bike, is your key to improving your body mechanics and overall success with cycling.

You will be excited and amazed at the positive results that you can achieve.

Come into Body Works and let us help you get riding stronger and more efficiently!

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In this video we are providing a couple basic tips for positioning your body on the bike.

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“I have been going to Dana for 7 months with fantastic results. I was barely able to walk straight or sit for any prolonged period of time, let alone train as a competitive cyclist. Dana worked very specifically with me, developed a strategy to get me back to normalcy then help me get back to full training. Her approach is to treat, educate and get you to long term health.

I also appreciate the sessions are completely dedicated to you the client, NOT shared, I think this is refreshing and makes her a true value.”

                                          Dave MacDonald