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Body Works Sports Physiotherapy
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by Mary-Ann Jamieson on Body Works Sports Physiotherapy
Dana really knows her stuff!

I have had many visits to other practitioners but no one was able to determine why my hip, knee and IT Band were giving me grief. They always looked at the simple solutions. Dana took the time to look at my entire body because it was not that simple. Dana is working to correct the issues and get me back on track. She takes the time to check on you each visit and get to know you before she treats you. I really appreciate her holistic approach to healing. Her entire team are friendly and extremely knowledgeable. If you are in need of physiotherapy, check out Body Works, you won't be disappointed.

Thanks Mary-Ann. It is a pleasure to help you figure out all of the components of your injury and get you back on track to doing the things that you love without pain!

by Tracy Beresford on Body Works Sports Physiotherapy
Best Physio practice in the lower mainland

Dana has been my physiotherapist for over 20 years and I have followed her from Burnaby 8 rinks to North Vancouver regardless of the fact I live in Steveston, Richmond.
Dana has brought me back from minor muscle tears, a torn ACL in my knee and recently a major Mountain bike accident. Dana is incredibly knowledgeable and understands how the body works. Her main focus is to get you back to what you love to do. I would trust Dana with any injury. Her whole team is very personable and willing to work with your schedule.

by Eileen Anderson on Body Works Sports Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy at it's best.

I have been seeing Dana and her team through a tough pre and complex post operative hip replacement recovery. I have found them to be knowledgeable, skilled, professional, caring, and attentive with a focused and holistic approach. Dana, in particular, and her team have provided information on the rationale behind the therapy and what (and how) I could do on my own to move towards pain free mobility. With IMS and expert manual therapy they helped me through a difficult and painful time. I don’t know how I would have managed without them. They taught me how to retrain my body to move well again. In addition Dana referred me to other skilled healthcare providers such as pool physio and Pilates, which contributed to my recovery and pointed me in the right direction.

The front desk team are friendly and efficient and make coming to Body Works a pleasure. I highly recommend using the services of Dana and her team.

by Audrey Plaskacz on Body Works Sports Physiotherapy
Absolutely the Best in the Business of Physiotherapy

Dana and her team at Body Works are absolutely best in the business. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and takes a holistic view of healing and functional movement. She's the first physio I've ever had who has looked at the whole body and how all the pieces work together in order to get you back doing the activities you love, rather than simply zeroing in on the specific area where you have symptoms, and coming up with a short-term treatment plan. She's also gone above and beyond to ensure that my personal trainer is set up to guide me through a functional movement training program that targets my weak areas and complements the work that we do together in her clinic. She's personable, she's professional and her facility is beautiful. I have 100% confidence in Dana and would recommend her to anyone.

Thanks for your wonderful review Audrey. We are pleased to be able to make such a significant change in your life and body. Keep up the hard work!

by Shelly F on Body Works Sports Physiotherapy
Pulled muscles from a fall fixed in No time!

I fell recently and pulled the muscles in my neck. It really hurt and was stiff. I came into Body Works Sport Physiotherapy to get some treatment to help me feel better. They did IMS and manual therapy and showed me some exercises. The treatment sure helped to relieve the stiffness in my neck so I could move it better and the pain went away. I highly recommend going in to see the physiotherapists at Body Works. They are really good and work with you to fix your problem.

by Julie Vanderyaght on Body Works Sports Physiotherapy
You won't be disappointed.

I can't say enough good things about Dana and the magic she is capable of. She fixes me up good as gold each and every time. She spends the entire visit physically working on you, not just putting tens machines on you and leaving you for 15 mins while she sees other patients, she is 100% focused on you and getting to the root of your issue.

Not only does she search for and correct the root of your ailments, but she explains them thoroughly, gives you exercises to strengthen them and also has videos on their website showing you how to do them. If you are like me, you forget as soon as you walk out of the office so these videos are so helpful in keeping you engaged in your exercises.

If anyone I know has any body discomfort at all, I immediately give them Dana's information.

Check her out. You won't be disappointed.

by Charles Coy on Body Works Sports Physiotherapy
Feeling so much better!

For 30+years I suffered chronic pain and constant muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders. When I came to Body Works my whole upper body was nearly immobilised. Dana and Eric devised a treatment plan. Today the chronic pain is gone, and I am markedly more flexible. I feel so much better!

Thank you for your review Charles. We are so glad that we have been able to help you overcome the chronic pain, be more active and feel better!

by Alison on Body Works Sports Physiotherapy
Thanks! Significant improvement!

Thanks to the therapy provided by Dana, I have been able to see a significant improvement in my range of motion, strength and flexibility after THP. She has a great attitude and personality, providing thorough and appropriate care (both manual and IMS)in a very professional manner!

Thanks Alison! So glad it has helped. It is also helpful that you are so diligent with your home exercises too! Great job!

by Rosalind Cloutier on Body Works Sports Physiotherapy
10 Years of Pain Gone

Two sessions with Dana Ranahan ended 10 years of pain. Book your session now!

We are so glad that it worked out so well for you Rosalind. Thank you for sharing your story!

by Mark Wimmer on Body Works Sports Physiotherapy
Amazingly REAL attention

My comment about Body Works Physiotherapy is based on my comparing other physiotherapy clinics I have attended in the past.

What I get at Body Works Physiotherapy is INDIVIDUAL attention where time is not limited to short visits. The practitioners here give me time, and their attention to really understand and treat my issues.

I know whoever I see, I am treated with respect and professionalism, and I leave feeling looked after.

I had Chronic back issues developed over many years and Dana and her team are systematically reversing the pain and discomfort I became used to living with in the past and moving me into healthy living.

Thank you Mark. We work hard to try and provide an individualized treatment specific to each persons needs. We are glad that this has worked well for you. We look forward to continuing to help you progress and feel better each day.

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