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Concussion – Visual Tracking Horizontally with Pencil

Hi, this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy. And today I want to show you an exercise that we use to help with injuries such as concussive injuries, or sometimes whiplash associated injuries. When we have injuries to the head and neck, we can get some involvement with our eyes. So this is a visual tracking exercise.

So at home, you can grab a pencil or it could be any object that you can focus on. And when you're looking at the object, first off, you want to be able to see that you can see the object and it's not too blurry. So it's something you can focus on. And we can work on horizontally moving the pencil side to side, trying to keep our head steady, and our eyes are tracking the pencil.

So we're maintaining a solid posture with our neck and trying to track and let our eyes smoothly track side to side. Usually we would work this as far as we can comfortably go on maintaining our head position. So we don't want to see our head move with us. The head needs to stay neutral. We can also work this one eye at a time.

And if you're covering the eye, just be gentle on your eye. So you're not squishing your eye and we'll do the same thing with one eye back and forth, repeating five to 10 repetitions. Opposite eye five to 10 repetitions, and then do with both eyes. That what we call horizontal vertical tracking.