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Outer Core Strength – Try This Simple Opposite Arm & Leg Exercise

Try our simple exercise to strengthen and coordinate the outer core sling muscles while activating your inner core. This will help you move better and feel better and alleviate pain and dysfunction.

Alright, starting on the ball, with your stomach down, supporting slightly with your hands and legs, work on alternate arm and leg lifts focusing on creating and engaging your core. So when you lift the arm and the leg you don’t want to see the back sway. So breathe out, lift one arm, lift the opposite leg and trying to maintain a neutral position of your spine so that you don’t see a lot of twisting happening in through the hips. That was good. Remember to breathe out and engage your core as you lift the opposite arm and leg. Now with this you want to work on a rhythm, so you try to get back and forth rhythm like as if you’re walking, alternating. If it’s too hard to not arch your back, then you can bring the arms by the side and work on lifting them so the hand comes go towards the hip as well.