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The Core – Simple Progression to Knee Fall Outs

Here we are at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy with Holly as our model and we’re going to look at some progressions now for core strengthening.

We’ve shown you in the last video how to work on breathing and how to coordinate that with your deep transverses abdominis muscle or deep stabilizing muscle in your abdomen.

Now I want to work on trying to add a little bit of movement to that; so usually work on building progressive movement once we’ve got that deep muscle system working better. In this case one of the first exercises we start with are called knee fall outs so for Holly in this case we would work on the same sequence where she’s going to work on breathing into her lateral rib cage. As she breathes out she’s going to soften the rib cage and engage that deep muscle and one knee fall out towards the side; the other knee stays neutral.
Breathe in, maintain it there, as you breathe out soften your rib cage, engage your core muscle and bring your knee back in towards mid line. Now work on the other side, breathing into the rib cage, as you breathe out soften through the rib cage, let that right knee fall out to the side, breathing in, maintain, and as you breathe out soften your rib cage, engage your core and bring the inner thigh back in so that the knee lines up.

Body Works Sports Physiotherapy

Body Works Sports Physiotherapy