Core Strengthening Videos, North Vancouver, West Vancouver

Core Strengthening Videos

Basic Inner Core Activation

Do you want a strong core?  Strong core can help you be stronger for sports or any other athletic or active thing you do. Listen in for  information on what the core really is and how it works.  Explaining the inner and outer core, including the anatomy of these muscle groups, and why they are important to strengthen for better stability, control and function as well as less pain.

Do you want to learn how to have a stronger core? It is important to learn the difference between the deep, or inner core, and the more superficial, or outer, core muscles. Listen in to find out how to coordinate breathing with activation of your transverse abdominal muscles and pelvis floor muscles to activate your inner core. 

Do you want a stronger core to help you perform better and alleviate pain? Listen in and try our simple core strengthening exercise for home with an exercise ball.

What is the core? Transversus Abdominus

The core muscles consist of the transverses abdominus, diaphragm, pelvic floor muscles, and multifidus (back muscle), These muscles need to work together synergistically to help the core function properly.

How to Activate the Inner Core

How to breathe diaphragmatically, laterally into the lower ribcage, and softening with exhalation to help teach you to let the diaphragm relax.

Basic Inner Core Strengthening Progressions With Movement

Listen in to our video to learn how to engage your core and stabilize your spine while you move your arms. This is a very good way to limit back, shoulder and neck issues.

The Core – Simple Progression to Knee Fall Outs

The most important part about the inner core is it’s timing of action and it’s ability to stabilize.

Core Activation Progression with Knee Hinges

This video demonstrates a progression for activation of your core muscles and integrating movement of the legs.

Core Strength – Abdominals Supine With Spinal Stabilization And Leg Lifts

Do you need a stronger core? Can you control your spine and move your legs but keep your spine and pelvis stable? Try our home exercise for core strength and spinal stability to make you able to transfer loads better and more efficiently for better performance.

Dynamic Hips Stretching with Core

This short video demonstrates how to dynamically stretch the hips.

Core Strengthening in 4 Point Kneeling

Try our simple video. To determine if this is right for you, come on in for a physiotherapy assessment at our clinic. We are happy to help you get the best exercise program for your body.

Spinal Stability the Core in 4 Point Kneeling

In this video we are demonstrating how to find a neutral spine and activate your core muscles in 4 point kneeling.

Spinal Stability Arm Slides in 4 Point Kneeling

Here we are demonstrating a progression from the basic neutral spine and core work shown previously by adding the movement of the arm sliding away from the body.

Core Strength - Four Point Kneeling With Heel Slides

Do you want to improve your core strength?  Be able to stabilize your back and pelvis better for activity?  Check out our core strengthening exercises focusing on stability of your spine in neutral while you slide your heel backwards and stabilize at the other hip and spine.

Core Strength Exercise -  4 Point Kneeling Arm Weight Shift With Neutral Spine

Do you want a stronger core?  Need more core strength to avoid injury or pain?  Better core strength and spinal stability and spinal control translates into better transfer of loads for sport and activity and makes you stronger and more efficient in your movement. This will translate into better performance. And stronger core will also help you prevent injury.

Functional Core Strengthening Rehabilitation Exercises

Do you want a stronger core? Try this simple exercise with a ball to help your core be stronger and more able to tolerate the activity’s of your day and sports.

Strengthening with Simple Squat and Coordinating with your Core

This video shows a simple progression of using your core muscles and breathing with a functional strengthening movement like a squat.

Core Strengthening – Dead Bug Exercise

Here is a simple core strengthening exercise progressed from knee fallouts and knee hinges. Be careful with technique and remember to breathe and activate your core with every repetition.

This is an excellent progression for core strengthening. Good for strengthening your glutes, or gluteal muscles, and lat muscles which helps improve your ability to transfer load for running, walking and all sport.

Outer Core Strength - Try This Simple Opposite Arm & Leg Exercise

Try our simple exercise to strengthen and coordinate the outer core sling muscles while activating your inner core. This will help you move better and feel better and alleviate pain and dysfunction.