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Body Works Sports Physiotherapy is proud to offer various resources and educational material for your easy reference.  Some of these items include community presentations we have completed, clinic newsletters, as well as additional educational information.  We also provide information and associated links regarding our physiotherapy educational background for your reference.  If you have any questions or an of the material is not clear, please feel free to contact us.

How Physiotherapy Can help you? Educational Resources

Opiod Crisis How Physiotherapy Can Help – National Physio Month May 2021

Falls – How-Physiotherapy-Can-Help-National-Physio-Month-May-2021

Community Presentations and Resources

Capilano Golf Club “CAP Talks” Golf injuries Presentations

Part 1: Body Mechanics and Injuries in Golf  May 26, 2014

Part 2: Injury Prevention Strategies for Golfers June 9, 2014

Part 3: Core Strength and Fundamental Movement for Golfers  July 7, 2014

Seymour Golf Club – Women’s Opening Day Presentation “Bringing Strength to Your Game – May 5 2015


General Education for Clients

Videos for Clients to view

To see a great video on physiotherapy and arthritis put out by the Physiotherapy Association of BC, please click here

Post Graduate Education for Physiotherapists

Our experienced physiotherapists have gone through various specialized postgraduate education programs to help ehance their overall clinical skills and expertise.  Some of these programs include:

  1. Advanced Manual Therapy training for physiotherapists is achieved by completing numerous courses and examinations through the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.
  2. Information for training in IMS can be found at Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain
  3. Information for training in Acupuncture can be found at The Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute or Dr. Steven K.H. Aung
  4.  Sports Physiotherapy training information can be found at the Sports Physiotherapy Canada website.
  5. Integrated Systems Model training information can be found through the Discover Physio website.