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Inner Thigh Strengthening

Do you run or play soccer? Do you have tight hips or perpetual problems with your hips of back or pelvis? It is important to stabilize your pelvis and strengthen your core muscles while strengthening your hip for functional activities. This will help it translate to sport and make you stronger, more controlled and less like to have an injury.

Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver and I'm here today to show you an exercise to work on strength around your hips and pelvis area.

One of the big things we have when we return to sports or running, soccer, various activities is an ability to control our pelvis on top of our leg. So when we stand on one leg, can we stay neutral and not lose control. Then we need to be able to kick our soccer ball, or to run, whatever it might be.

So the exercise we're going to do today is for your inner thigh and we're going to work on grabbing a piece of band and now I'm going to work on standing on one leg and trying to maintain my balance as I bring the band back and forth. Trying to keep control through the pelvis. Working through the full range and usually I add some core activation too. Breathing out, engage my core, breathe in, come back out, breathing out, engage my core, breathe in come back out. And you work on controlling this leg while this leg is moving and then switch to the other side.

So for inner thigh strengthening give that a try. If you have any other questions, check out our website at