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Hip Tightness or Hip Pain? Try a Foam Roller

Do you have tight hips, buttocks or hip flexors? Hip Pain? Try using a foam roller to help alleviate tightness and resolve pain. If this helps only temporarily, please call to set up an appointment to see what else you need to do to help your hips become more balanced and less tight.

Shoulder Pain Relief With Foam Roller - Loosen Up Your Shoulders

Do you have tight and sore shoulders or upper back? Try out our video tips using a foam roller to help loosen up your shoulders, improve mobility in the shoulder and upper back and relieve shoulder pain and upper back pain.

Dynamic Hips Stretching with Core

So we’re going to do some dynamic hips stretching here using a foam roller. The foam roller is located underneath the pelvis so it stabilizes the pelvis and the lower back should not be painful at all in this position. So if there is any pain, don’t proceed.

Shoulder Mobility and Core Strength Ball Figure 8’s on a Foam Roller

This is a progression on the exercise lying on the foam roller for some core strength and stability using your arms. In this case, we have Calvin lying on the foam roller with his head supported and his hips supported well and with a little ball between his knees to work on good alignment through his lower body and keep his inner thigh muscles working.

Foam Roller for Back Pain

Release back tightness with a foam roller - this technique is often very helpful in alleviating back pain.

Spinal Stability Neck & Back On Foam Roller With Shoulder Mobility

This is an exercise to help improve control through your spine while increasing mobility in your shoulder girdles.

Shoulder Mobility & Core Strength-Shoulder Circles Laying on Foam Roller

This video demonstrates a progression on the arms overhead exercises that we showed previously. It helps to control the spine and pelvic position while moving the arms through full circles. This is a great exercise for improving mobility in your shoulder and upper back while controlling movement in your neck. Helps to reduce neck pain, upper back pain and shoulder pain!

Foam Roller Stretch for Shoulders and Chest

Find a new use for your foam roller! Stretch out tight shoulder and chest muscles. Give it a try!