Foot and Ankle Pain Videos


Foot Care and Foot Pain

Do you have chronic Achilles pain? We call that Achilles tendinopathy. Listen in to our video on how to do a simple exercise to help with this. Literature supports the use of eccentric heel drops for Achilles tendinopathy. Do not continue if you have worsening pain.

Foot Pain, Ankle Pain and Knee Pain - How We Can Help You Move Better!

Do you have foot pain, ankle pain or knee pain? Stiff trying to walk or do the things you love? Come on in to Body Works for an assessment of how you move and we can use our hands to help you move better and feel better. Then we can teach you some home exercises to help you maintain mobility and improve strength.

Running, Foot Exercise and Warm Up 

Here are three quick drills you can do to enhance the proprioception in your feet and get them warmed up and ready to run.

Plantar Faciitis Tips and Exercises to help Alleviate Foot Pain 

Watch this video to learn some simple tips and exercises to help alleviate the pain of plantar fasciitis, usually presenting as foot pain or heel pain. For more individualized information, please book an appointment for an assessment of your specific needs.

Do You Wake Up With Pain When You Walk? Resolve Your Plantar Fasciitis

Do you have heel pain when you get out of bed in the morning?  Does it make it hard to walk?  You likely have plantar fasciitis. Please listen in for a couple of options on how you can help yourself feel better and resolve the morning pain and the pain in general.

Do you have foot pain? Metarsalgia? Listen in for information on how this happened and what you can do you feel better and move better without pain!

Do you have foot pain? Here are the Top 3 Sources of Foot Pain and the Top 3 exercises to alleviate the problem. These are general exercises aimed at restoring mobility and strength in the foot.

Ankle Pain and Sprains

Do you have ankle pain? This video demonstrates the anatomy of the ankle and briefly explains how the ankle works, how the ankle can get injured and what physiotherapy can do to help your ankle move and feel better.

If you have had an injury to your lower body and are now recovering, you need to remember to train your balance system to help stabilize you again. Listen to our video for tips on some simple balance exercises to get you back on track to do any things you enjoy to do.

Limited ankle dorsiflexion (pulling your foot upwards) can affect a number of functional and sporting movements in day to day life. One movement that can be affected by a stiff ankle joint is the squat. This can result in compensations in the lower body during the squat movement, e.g. an inwards collapse of the knee (knee valgus), which can eventually lead to knee pain. If you feel pinching at the front of your ankles as you descend in the squat, you likely have a dorsiflexion mobility restriction limiting your squat. Try the exercise shown in the video to improve your ankle mobility and work towards a pain-free squat!

This video shows you a basic functional assessment of the ankle and foot. Collapsed arches and poor ankle and foot alignment can lead to ankle and foot pain. Also, knee pain can result, especially if the knee turns in.

Here is a simple inversion strengthening for ankle stability and strength. This exercise will help strengthen your arch and control your foot better for activity, resulting in less ankle pain, foot pain and plantar fasciitis, as well as improve movement control.

Here is a simple home exercise to help strengthen your ankle and help prevent ankle sprains and pain. Ankle injuries can affect your ability to function and sometimes affect your stability for sport in the future, so prevention is key.

Do you have an acute injury? Go over on your ankle trail running or playing soccer? Slip in the wet leaves? Check out our video on what you can use to help settle things down.