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Foot Pain – Big Toe Short Flexor Strengthening

Do you have foot pain? Here's a simple exercise you can do for the big toe to help strengthen the big toe to flex and push off as you run or walk. This helps to strengthen the arch of the foot and helps you with push off and strength. Usually helps with lessening big toe pain as well. 

So if you work on looking at how the toe curls, the big toe can curl at the end joint, and it also can curl at this joint, I'm a bit stuff here. So what we want to work on is strengthening the short toe flexor, which has the muscle in the foot here. This is the foot intrinsic muscles. So as you push down, you want to encourage the short joints so just below the big toe joint here, pushing down into your finger and holding for a count of 10 seconds. You can see the muscle popping up as I do that. And then relax, push down again, hold for 10 seconds. Relax again. 

Now try to avoid curling the end joint, if you can, and focus on pushing on the shorter joint. And we're going to work here to hold for 10 seconds and aim to repeat. To fatigue, perhaps 10 to 20 repetitions to try to wake this muscle up and help it work more as you run.