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Gardening Tips Videos

Gardening Tips

Gardening - How to turn your body carefully and avoid pain!

Try our simple tips on how to twist safely in the garden!

Gardening - How to Use Your Shovel Safely and Avoid Injury!

Watch our tips on how to protect your body from injury while gardening. Especially shovelling!

Gardening Warm Up

Here is a short video on how to warm-up for gardening to avoid injury and stay pain free! Get out and have fun in the garden!

Avoid Lower Back Pain Gardening

Listen in for some simple tips on how to bend over properly and avoid lower back pain and back injury while gardening.

How To Bend Carefully in the Garden to Avoid Lower Back Pain

Try out our simple tips on bending carefully in the garden, and using a cushion to kneel on to help avoid back and hip pain.

Avoid Neck and Shoulder Pain in the Garden

Try our simple tips to avoid neck pain and shoulder pain in the garden. Have a great time out there this spring!

Lifting Well in The Garden to Avoid Back Pain

Check out our simple tips for lifting in the garden. These tips should help to alleviate back in jury and pain from heavier gardening tasks.