How To Bend Carefully in the Garden to Avoid Lower Back Pain

Try out our simple tips on bending carefully in the garden, and using a cushion to kneel on to help avoid back and hip pain.

Hi, this is Dana Ranahan at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy and we’re going to be giving you a tip for gardening today.

I have some herbs here that I need to trim back and get ready for spring as the garden is looking a little bit messy. But instead of bending forward and working at this height, not so good for my back or for my hips, I’m going to work by bringing in something to kneel on. Now I just need something soft that you can kneel and get down into a more comfortable position.

Some people prefer kneeling with two knees and then sitting back and that can be a little hard on your knees, or you can kneel on one and put the other up and then alternate as you’re working on trimming the bushes. So take good care of your back and hips and have a great time in the garden.