Lifting Well in The Garden to Avoid Back Pain

Check out our simple tips for lifting in the garden. These tips should help to alleviate back injury and pain from heavier gardening tasks.

Hi this is Dana Ranahan at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy and we’re going to look at a gardening tip for lifting things today to be careful of your back. Back pain is really common in gardeners and this time of year we tend to get a little bit gung-ho in the garden. If you’re going to be lifting up something heavy, working on putting in new pots, don’t bend through your back and lift through your hips, it’s really bad for your back.

Work on using your legs, coming underneath the pot if you can and then lifting it up in order to move it safely to another location. When you have to lift and bend forward, be really careful to keep your mechanics good, if you get too much of a bend through your back again that’s trouble for your back. Check us out at