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Hand and Thumb Pain Videos

Are you concerned you have Carpal tunnel syndrome?  Do you have numbness or pain into your hand, worsened with work or sport?  Listen to our video for details, and try a simple Tinel's test to see if you can provoke your symptoms.  Call us with questions or to book your appointment so we can assess you wrist and help you manage this condition better.

Do you have thumb stiffness and pain?  The thumb is an amazing and dextrous joint and can often get over used with day to day activities.  If you are having pain or stiffness, you may be starting to undergo arthritic changes in the joint.  Please listen in for some simple things you can do to help save your thumbs from further arthritic int and how to strengthen and protect them.  

Do you ski? Do you like to carve the mountain at high speeds? We hope you avoid injury and have fun! If you do get injured, you should know about skiers' thumb - a ligament sprain or tear that can occur to your thumb while skiing. Listen in for details. Ski safely!