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Concussion has been a big word that's come up as a topic in sports in the last few years. I think since we've started to learn a lot more about concussion and how it affects the brain. I think we've taken a little more seriously in how we manage it.

Headache Relief

Do you have headaches or eyestrain at computer? Watch and try out our simple video. Check your saccadic eye movement to see if your eyes fatigue easily and need to retrain this control. This will help you read more easily.  Contact us to determine if this exercise is appropriate for you. Individual assessment and exercise prescription is much more effective.


Do you suffer tension or other headaches? Headache pain can be difficult to deal with. Watch to learn a few tips on how to help yourself.

Do you have headaches, neck pain or dizziness? Your eyes could be playing a role. Often felt as eye strain, if our eyes are not working well together with your neck and inner ear it can create problems. Try our simple visual tracking exercise.

After a long week of work, are your eyes tired or dry?  Having trouble focusing on the screen or your favourite book?  Try Palming - it can help to relax muscles around the eyes and improve lubrication in the eye, assisting with fatigue, strain and dry eyes.  It also may help to reduce headaches.

How Do I Get Rid of a Headache?

How do I get rid of a headache? Do I have a migraine? How does physiotherapy help relieve headache pain? What can I do to prevent headaches for coming back? Can I do exercises to help relieve headaches? All of your basic headache questions answered! See how physiotherapy can help you relieve headache pain and feel better.

Neck Pain and Tightness Causing Headaches

Manual Therapy For Neck Tightness - with Eric

Do you know what Manual therapy is? These are hand on techniques we use to help you move better. This video shows some manual therapy for helping neck pain and tightness, neck stiffness, whiplash to headaches.

IMS for Neck Pain, Stiffness, Whiplash or Headaches

Using a needle, we can help release tight muscles. This is a very effective treatment for restoring mobility in the spine and helping to reduce pain in the back, shoulders and neck.

Jaw Pain

Do you have Jaw Tightness or Pain? Clicking Jaw?

Do you have jaw pain? headaches? Does your jaw click when you open it? Do you notice you clench your jaw or your dentist tells you that you are clenching and wearing your teeth? These can all relate to poor jaw alignment and control of the jaw movement.