Hip Stability and Strength: Functional Lateral Side Stepping For Gluteus Medius Strength | Body Works Sports Physiotherapy

Hip Stability and Strength: Functional Lateral Side Stepping For Gluteus Medius Strength

Do you have weak or tight hips? Try our lateral side stepping exercise for glut strengthening.  This simple exercise is a great progression on the squat technique and has great application to better performance in sport and other functional activities.

Hi this is Dana from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver and I want to show you a progression on strengthening exercises for your gluteus medius muscle. So we’ve shown you an exercise to do it lying down with the clamshell, we’ve shown you a squat exercises using it and now I want to work on progressing to a sidestepping exercise. We’re going to use this thera-band around our knees which gives tension into the glutes by pushing the knee out slightly in the the band putting tension there. So we should feel it in our glutes, but what you want to do is keep your feet even so that you don’t let your feet drop in and you’re not pulling too far, too far out, which kind of makes your weight bear on the outside of your feet. So effectively, keeping both feet on the ground a little bit of tension on the band and now I’m going to work on a sidestep. The biggest key with the sidestep is that you keep your alignment through your spine. So as I’m weight shifting, working this way, and leading the tension through my knees so that I don’t want to lead with my foot. I want to lead with the knee and you want to maintain your pelvis neutral so that when you shift you’re not getting any kind of transfer of weight like this happening. That your body stays over tall. So the exercise would be working like this and I’m feeling it working in my glutes now. So usually sidestepping about three or four, five steps each direction, back and forth until you hit fatigue, which will probably hit fatigue fairly quickly because this can be quite tiring. So give this a try. If you have any other questions, check out our website at www.body-works.ca