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Hip Stability and Strength – Functional Squats With Thera-band For Gluteus Medius Strengthening

Do you want stronger hips to be able to walk and run faster and more efficiently?  Help lessen the chance of lower back pain or hip pain? Try our simple home exercise for glute medius strengthening with a functional squat.  It will help get you stronger and back to what you love doing.

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Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver and I want to show you a functional progression for glute strengthening. So we’ve done a few other exercises on our other videos which work on strengthening the gluteus medius muscle which helps to stabilize the pelvis and hips. And now we want to show how to activate that muscle, and with a more functional strengthening exercise. So we’ve got our stretchy thera-band here, and green is kind of a medium strength band and this band is cut in one piece, for this length which is usually very commonly for people doing this exercise. So effectively we want to use the band to try to maintain our knee alignment over our feet so that we don’t allow our knees to turn in but we don’t  want to pull them out so super far either. So pulling slightly so you have some strain or pull happening on the thera-band, so it’s under tension. Your feet are on the ground and then we’re going to work on a little squat and as we’re squatting, we want to keep pressure pulled out towards the band now with squatting, we want to maintain a good position of your spine allowing the hips to seat back, not arching your back too much and not flattening your back. So neutral spine and working on that knee alignment. So as you come into your squat and back up, so as I’m squatting, I’m feeling my glutes engaging a little bit more functionally to try to get some activation of my glutes with a squat. This is really nice functional progression for glute medius strengthening. Give it a try. If you have any questions, check out our website at www.body-works.ca or give us a call.