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Hip Strength Exercise For Walking, Running Or Hiking

Do you like to walk hike or run? How about snowshoe?

Controlling your hip and pelvis position is important to be strong and avoid injury. Try our simple strengthening exercise at home to improve your strength and stability and run or walk with more ease. 

Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Physiotherapy in North Vancouver and I want to show you an exercise today to work on strengthening your hips. This is really important for all you people out there that like to hike, walk or run.

So when we stand on one leg, we want to work on the ability to maintain our pelvis neutral so that we don’t get into a kind of a twist or shift through our hips which usually leads to trouble with the knee or sometimes our back. So basically, I’m going to get you to come against the wall and we’re going to keep our hip again the wall, shoulder against the wall and this left leg now is the one I’m going to work to strengthen and I want to keep a good line through my hip, knee and foot, so that my knee is not turning in and that my hips are level here, so there’s no hike or drop.

And in this position now, I’m going to get you to push your knee into the wall and we’re going to work this opposite glute muscle to work to stabilize the pelvis neutral. So pelvis square, shoulder and hip against the wall, pushing the right knee into the wall and maintaining a hold, engaging this muscle to work on stability.

This is a really important exercise to help stabilize your stance position. So usually we hold this for 20-30 seconds something like that or until you hit fatigue and then repeat it. So endurance is what we want here. The ability to hold for longer.

So give that a try. It should help you run and walk a little stronger without pain. If you have any other questions, check out our website at www.body-works.ca