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How to Get Stronger So You Can Walk, Run and Ski With More Ease

Are you wanting to run or ski with more control and strength? Wanna carve the slopes with more ease? Try our easy strengthening exercise. Simple to do at home. This will help you be stronger and move better.

Hi this is Dana Ranahan of Body Works Sports Physiotherapy and today I want to show you an exercise to strengthen your hips and help improve your performance for sports and athletics, like skiing.

So grab a stretchy band or or a piece of Thera-band and we wrapped it around our knees, just above our knee so when we pull out it helps to activate our glute muscles a little bit.

So the exercise I’m going to get you working on is coming into a little bit of a squat, where you’re going to let your hips sink back a little bit in space and then we’re going to work on side stepping back and forth. So when I go to move my foot, I want to work to stay strong here as I’m shifting my weight. So side stepping back and forth, really working to stay solid and controlled through your upper body and keeping the hip, knee and foot in line so that I’m not allowing my knee to come in. As I go wide I’m kind of pushing the pressure out through the side.

This a great exercise to help strengthen your glutes. Sometimes if you need, you can use a mirror to watch yourself and as you side step, you should feel like your weight stays relatively central. So as you work on this, you’ll feel the muscles in the lateral part of your hips working.

Great hip strengthener, give it a try. If you have any other questions, check out our website at