Prevent Falls, North Vancouver, West Vancouver

Taylor with Patient to Help her Move Better, Be Stronger and Prevent Falls!

Hello, I’m Taylor McCabe, physiotherapist here at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver. Today I’m just teaching Rosemary here an exercise to strengthen the outside of her hips, specifically the muscles that help turn out the hip. These muscles play an important role in the stability of our hips when we’re walking and they’re also good to help prevent falls.

So all Rosemary’s going to do, with her knees bent lying so her hips are right on top of each other, keeping her feet and ankles together she’s just going to rotate the leg to lift the knees apart, good, and then back down and she’s just going as high as she can control without the whole pelvis rolling back. Now as she’s working she’s hopefully going to feel it on kind of the back side of the hip, going until she feels some nice activation there and starts to get a little fatigue happening then we know we’re strengthening.