Hip Flexor Or Thigh Tightness, North Vancouver, West Vancouver

Hip Flexor Or Thigh Tightness?

How do I release hip flexor tightness? How do I loosen up my hip flexor? Quads? Learn how to release and stretch to stay pain free with Rick Heyden and try out his tips with foam roller and stretch.

Hi this is Rick Heyden, physiotherapist from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy and today I’m going to show you a quick little two to three minute routine that you can do to work on some tightness, especially in the front of your hips. This is a great one for anybody who spends most of their day sitting, whether it’s at an office job and also for runners who tend to do a lot of hip flexion which is bringing your leg up in front of you. So the first thing you want to do is take your trusty foam roller here and essentially we’re going to want to work on the quad here in the front, especially that higher part of the quad that will tie into your hip flexor a little bit. So you’re just going to lie on the roller, let everything relax and sink as deep as you can, stay here for about 30 seconds to a minute, rolling nice and slow and keeping everything nice and relaxed. Once you’ve done that to loosen up a little bit, we’re going to go for stretch. So I’m going to show you on the other side here but you want to put your back leg on something nice and soft and your knee is bent so that your foot is up against the wall, it can also be against the soft edge of your couch. You want to come up into a high lunge here, your hips are squared off in front of you and now I’m just going to sink forward a little bit into the lunge and you should feel this all the way down the front of your quad. Hold that for about 30 seconds and then you’re good to go. Thanks from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy, visit us at body-works.ca