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Single Leg Bridge

Are you starting a new running program? Want to improve strength and stability for running? Try out simple runners drill for hip and pelvic stability with core activation. Alternating legs with bridging. This will help yo be more stable and stronger with running and more efficient.

Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver and today I want to talk about a little exercise you can do to work on control around your pelvis and hip.

This is a great drill for runners. I know a lot of you out there now are starting back with a running regime now that it’s the new year or training for the Sun Run, so this would be a great exercise for you to try.

Grab a mat or a piece of floor, have a lie down and I have a small foam roller here or you could use a yoga block or a rolled up towel between the knees and we’re going to have a lie down on our back. We’re going to put this rolled up towel or foam roller between our thighs, so you have a little bit of a squeeze, and then we’re going to do a little lift through our hips which we call a bridge.

Now this is a starting position and if you can maintain this with relative ease, then the progression would be to work on lifting one leg. Trying to maintain neutral pelvis. So that when I lift, I don’t allow my hips to drop, I try to keep my hips level and lift, breathe out, engage my core and then alternate sides. Breathe out, engage my core and lift the opposite leg trying to maintain stability.

This will do a great job for working on control through your hips and pelvis and it will hopefully make you much more stable and strong when you run. 

If you need any specific help, please contact us to set up an appointment so we can personalize a program for you.