Single Leg Bridging, North Vancouver, West Vancouver

Single Leg Bridging Runners Drill – Gluts and Core

O.K. so we’re going to work on a single leg bridge working on alternate legs and this is great for getting back to some running or walking activities; work on breathing in, as you breathe out softening your chest, engage your core, lengthen your tailbone as if to lift your hips up, keeping the ball in between your knees in place, then take a second breath, breathe in lift up a little bit lower keeping your back neutral, soft through your chest, engaging your core so you should feel like your back’s lifted up. Now you can lift a tiny bit higher David, yeah good, now breathe in, as you breathe out soften your chest engage your core and lift one leg straight, keeping the knees in line, good, maintaining a neutral pelvis. Breathe in, come back down, as you breathe out maintaining your core, softening your breath opposite leg working on stability so straighten that left leg when you’re ready on the breath out, breath out, soften, straighten, maintain neutral trying to keep the pelvis level. This is a great drill for beginning runners and work on repetitions to fatigue, and then you’d lower down one vertebrae at a time.