Subsequent Appointments

Subsequent Appointment - Physiotherapy TreatmentSubsequent appointments, or follow-up visits, can be 30 or 55 minutes in length. Based on your initial assessment, your therapist will make a recommendation on  whether your injuries are more suited to longer or shorter follow-up treatment sessions.  Treatment duration and frequency may also dependent upon your extended health and times that you are able to attend. These issues will be discussed together to determine what will work best for you.

During these subsequent sessions, we will ask how you are doing and how you felt after the previous assessment or treatment. This helps us to determine your response to treatment. As well, based upon your initial response to treatment, as well as the complexity of your injury, we will better able to determine the anticipated number of treatments that may be necessary to help you get better. The ultimate goal of treatment is your physical improvement, reduction of symptoms and a return to your desired activity.

Follow-up Treatment: Manual Therapy

Your follow-up treatment sessions may involve various forms of treatment, such as Manual Therapy, ultrasound, IMS, Acupuncture, Movement Retraining and Functional Exercise. Your treatment will be individualized to attend to your specific needs and wishes.  We will explain all of our proposed treatment plans and review it with you so that you understand and agree to the treatment plan.