Achilles Tendonitis Pain and Achilles Bursitis – Do I have it?

Do you have calf pain or achilles tendon pain? Check out our video for information on what might be going on. Call us for an assessment to determine your individual needs.

Hi, this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver, and I’m out today for a nice walk on the gorgeous North Shore, take a look at the view here. It’s beautiful. So today I wanted to talk about achilles tendon pain now that everyone is back to running, training, getting ready for marathons and getting back in the groove of hiking and especially soccer. I coach soccer, young girls soccer and now we start to see a lot of problems with achilles tendon pain and foot pain.

So achilles tendon pain is basically pain down at the foot. So down here where you look at my shoe, the achilles tendon is where the calf comes down and attaches down onto the heal bone. So in some cases. people get pain right down at the attachment or in the mid tendon or up where the muscle tendon junction is. So basically, the muscle and the tendon come together and sometimes people can get pain in the bursa which is kind of in-between the tendon and the lower leg bone.

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