ACL Knee Injury

Have you had a knee injury? Worried about how badly you damaged it? Have you injured your ACL ligament? Watch the following video for some simple information for what the ACL is and how it could be torn.

Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy and today I want to talk to you about an injury that happens commonly to the knee.

One of the ligaments in the knee, called the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL is very commonly injured in the knee and often requires surgery if it’s been torn. I have a picture here to show you. The ACL is a little ligament inside the knee, that runs kind of from the front to the back of the knee and there’s also the posterior cruciate ligament, the PCL. Not injured as frequently.

With the ACL, here’s a model of the knee. It basically kind of runs inside of the joint and creates a lot of stability. It prevents the knee from shearing forward, the tibia or twisting happening in the tibia below. So if you’ve had an injury like this, it often happens in sport where there’s a dramatic incident and you feel a pop or click, and if so the knee may feel less stable and might give out on you.

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