What Does Your Alignment Look Like On The Bike?

Physiotherapist Dana Ranahan shows us how to get proper alignment on the bike, preventing knee and hip pain. Watch and learn how to position yourself properly and improve your power and pedalling efficiency.

So one of the things we wanted to take a look at on the bike is the alignment through the front of the chain. So we want to see a straight line, Angela is doing pretty well, straight line through the foot, knee and hip through here, so you don’t see your knee turning in because if you’re trying to generate force or putting force through it and your knee is doing any kind of a turn in, like how Angela is now kind of doing, which sometimes happens if your foot’s collapsing, you’re going to get into a lot of knee pain and sometimes even hip pain.

So really focus on keeping a good alignment through the whole foot and when you’re pushing pressure through your foot really trying to keep a central pressure. If you’re using clip-less pedals, this will help you stay central on the pedal. If you’re not using clip-less pedals and you have a flat pedal like Angela, really try and keep the pressure through the mid foot and pulling through with the solid pressure through your foot in that alignment.