Back Pain? Sciatica? Bulging Disc?

Do you have back pain? bulging disc? or sciatica? Listen in on how back pain happens and how disc bulging occurs. Contact us for more details or to set up an appointment. We can help you alleviate your back pain.

Do you have lower back pain? Lower back pain can come from poor lifting technique or lifting things that are too heavy or sometimes they can happen in the gym when we’re trying to do exercises with poor technique of our lower back or even in the garden when you’re stooping over things. Watch to learn how back pain can happen and how discs bulge.

Here’s two vertebra, when you can see the nerves here and you can see the disc in the middle between the two vertebra bones which are here and this is a great illustration of when you bend too much or flex the front of the spine, it compresses the front of the spine and you can see the little disc bulging out and putting pressure on to the nerve. So this is sometimes how budging discs can create pain or refer pain down the leg. So too much flexion with poor technique, lifting something heavy, bending over too hard can create a lot of pressure that makes the disc bulge back like this.