Concussion Rehabilitation and Treatment

Hi, this is Eric from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy. I want to tell you a little bit about treatment post-concussion and how we can help. Here at Body Works we take a special interest in treating those who suffer concussion and we find that a multi-faceted approach using physiotherapy can be very helpful. We often involve the neck using manual therapy exercises, vision and visual exercises and possibly referrals onto other health care practitioners and also treat vestibular dizzy and balance conditions that can result in post-concussion.

In this example we see Jamie being tested for vision deficits; vision impairments are quite common in post-concussion.

In this example we see Jamie doing one of the neck exercises we often give to patients; here he’s using a laser headband to give him a visual representation of what his neck is doing and is very useful for regaining neck control.

Here we see Jamie being tested for some balance which is a common thing post-concussion that can be quite problematic for those who are experiencing dizziness and balance problems.

At Body Works we love to treat concussions; we find it quite interesting and quite helpful for those who suffer concussions. So if you think this could be helpful for you check us out at and also visit our website for some more information on concussions and how I might be able to help you. Alright, have a great day.