Do You Have Shoulder Pain?

Do you have shoulder pain? Do you want to strengthen and stabilize your shoulder girdle? Watch our video on how to balance the muscles to control the movement of the shoulder blade which helps the shoulder and rotator to be stronger. Let us know if you need help with a shoulder or upper back issue!

Ok, we’re going to look at an exercise for controlling upper rotation of the shoulder blade which helps you to work on raising your arm your arm better. If we look at the muscles around the shoulder blade, we want to look at how rhomboids and mid fibres of trapezius are working.

So if we do an arm raise in this position here, you can see how the shoulder blade rotates down and as I push on it, hold there, you can see the shoulder blade really wants to drop down. And then relax.

If we work to bring the shoulder blade up, into an upper rotation, so we kind of turned the palm up, so it’s like a thumb up position, and now you can see that the shoulder blade is in a more upwardly rotated. And hold there, don’t let me push. That’s a bit harder to do, but definitely hold the shoulder blade more upward.

And if we bring the arm up a little further, a little closer to the ear, now we’re going to get a little more lower trapezius activation. We have that thumb pointing up and you can see some work happening through the lower trapezius there as we’re doing that activation. Don’t let me push down, yeah good activation through the lower trapezius.