Fitting your body to your bike and avoiding injury!

We are here today with Doug to look at how he is positioning his body on his bike for long distance riding. Doug does a lot of long distance riding and has been having some difficulty with his neck and shoulder and elbow. In this video we provide a couple of basic tips for positioning your body on the bike.

Hi, this is Dana Ranahan at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver and we have Doug here today who is riding the GranFondo in Penticton this weekend and we’re taking a look at how he’s riding on the bike. It’s a more of a fit of his body to the bike, effectively. He’s had a good bike fit done at the local bike shop. He’s happy with that but we want to take a look at because he’s having a little bit of shoulder and neck pain.

So we take a look at Doug, we can see a little bit rounded in through his back here and we want to help him to find a more neutral spine through his back that takes off some of the stress off his neck and shoulder. So in this instance, I’m just going to cue Doug to sneak his hips a little bit back and make his spine a little bit more neutral almost like you’re going to think about your sit bones or your tail bone sort of pointing back toward the end of the back wheel and then coming forward a little bit through your shoulders and a little bit of a bend in the elbows. About a 30 degree bend in the elbows that takes a bit of pressure off.

That’s just one of the tips that we’re going to provide Doug with today and we wish him well on his ride this weekend. For more information on bike fitting give us a call at 604-983-6616 or check out our website.