Foot Pain, Ankle Pain and Knee Pain – How We Can Help You Move Better!

Do you have foot pain, ankle pain or knee pain? Stiff trying to walk or do the things you love? Come on in to Body Works for an assessment of how you move and we can use our hands to help you move better and feel better. Then we can teach you some home exercises to help you maintain mobility and improve strength.

Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver and today we’re looking at mobilizing the foot and the knee. So one of the things that we do in the clinic is help people move better to avoid pain.

So in this instance, this person has come in with some trouble with stiffness in their foot and knee pain and we can look at how the foot moves either on their back, or in this case they’re on their stomach, and looking at the different ways that the foot is stiff or not moving and that translates into how they’re loading, so we’ll also look at them in standing.

In this case, we really freed up the knee and ankle by doing some release work through the calf. So if your calf is really tight, it can affect the mobility of the foot and create you to load into a supinated foot or a different position of the foot which can create either foot pain or knee pain, sometimes even hip pain up the chain. So when we’re working on things, we do some different techniques where we’re working on mobilizing through the ankle and foot. In this case, I’ve been doing some work through her calf and it’s really helped to free up her foot and also free up the knee.

So these are some techniques that we use in the clinic to help you move better and I’ll give you some homework so that you can try to maintain and get stronger. So for all you runners out there, soccer players or people just out there being active, if you have any foot and knee pain come on it, let us take a look and we can hopefully help you move better so you can feel better. Check out our website for more information at