Front View – Bike Fitting Your Body! Good Knee Alignment and Less Pain!

Hi, here we are at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy with Doug Talier who’s doing the GranFondo in Penticton this weekend and we’re just looking at how he’s moving on the bike to help make it more efficient.

So we talked to Doug a little bit about positioning his pelvis and his sinking his hips on the seat to give him a better back and shoulder position and also helps to tie into his foot and ankle position. So we also talked to Doug about where to place his foot; to think about driving some force through the big toe; think about keeping the heel sort of flat as he’s pulling through his stroke and we can see Doug has a little bit of a side to side sway through his pelvis when he’s riding right now.

So if we cue Doug now to sink his hips and centre himself forward a little bit more and keep his knees lined up over top his upper body sway changes a little bit and you can see that. The other thing we want to maintain is straight tracking through the hip knee foot so the centre line of the knee cap effectively tracks over the second toe and this will help to minimize any knee pain or hip pain or ITB pains that you get from riding long distances.

We wish everyone a great Fondo this year and if you have any questions give us a call at 604-983-6616.