Do you suffer tension or other headaches? Headache pain can be difficult to deal with. Watch to learn a few tips on how to help yourself. Call us for more information 604-983-6616.

Hi this is Dana Ranahan at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy and I’m here today to talk a bit about headaches.

So I don’t know if many of you get headaches from working all day, we spend now, as a population, we spend a lot more time on our computer now – computer, devices, tv, various things, and in our transit that we’re looking down at our phone doing, clicking here and there and often it puts us into bad posture. So sometimes that can be a big drive for headaches and posture is a big key for it.

So if you’re sitting at the computer and getting yourself into a really forward head posture, it can put a lot of tension in the upper neck and actually a lot of headaches come from tension in the upper neck and sometimes these upper couple joints in the neck can refer pain up the back of the head and sometime to the back of the eye. So treating the upper neck can help alleviate those kind of headaches. We also have some muscles around the head, the temporalis, the masseter and different muscles that can affect your headaches as well.

Thirdly we look at vision. So sometimes how our vision tracks or how our eyes track can affect headaches. So reading, computer, screen time and light sensitivity can all be factors. So some things we’ll look at are track how your vision tracks, how your eyes are able to track it and we give you some simple exercises to work on controlling tracking your eyes and your neck.

So if you’re having headaches, you can try some of our posture tips to try to correct things and if that doesn’t solve things, give us a call because there’s certainly some things we can probably do to help you resolve headaches.