Hip Pain and Labral Tears Of The Hip

Watch to learn more information about hip pain and how it happens

Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver and I’m here today to talk about hip pain.

So a lot of us get hip pain with different activities whether it be running or hiking or various sports such as soccer or hockey and hip pain can present itself in various different ways. Some of the most common locations of pain in the hip can be in front of the hip or kind of in the groin, we’ll sometimes call that the groin, in the lateral hip or the side of the hip or the buttock area of the hip.

Basically when we get hip pain usually it revolves around poor mechanics around the hip or muscular imbalances. So if we look at the mechanics of the hip, and here’s a thigh bone or a femur bone and this would basically come down into this location for me, and the pelvis forms the socket that where that ball is positioned in the socket will play a role on how the joint takes load.

So if there’s poor mechanics around the joint, sometimes the joint gets pushed forward a little bit and can jam a little bit at the front, so if you go into a squat motion, it can say, jam at the front and create some pinching. This can lead to labral tearing in the hip so you can get some cartilage tear as well which can be part of groin pain.

Sometimes if you get pain in the side of the hip or in the buttock, it can be related more to muscular problems or tendonitis or imbalance around there. So with a physiotherapy treatment, we would take a look at your mechanics and help you determine what the problem is and how you can address it, and give you some home exercises to help.

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