How We Use IMS

Hi, this is Dana Ranahan at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver and I’m here to show you a video about intramuscular stimulation or IMS and show you how it works. We did a little video demonstrating what it is and how it releases a muscle and in this video we want to show you a little bit more about it and how it works.

So when we want to release a muscle, it usually is because muscle, the muscle has gotten tight and compressing a joint or causing poor movement pattern or restriction in motion. So in this case, we have a patient here, Sherry, who has some hip restriction and we know that when we bring her knee up towards her chest, that there’s some tightness happening in the thigh muscle that is restricting her mobility.

So our choice of technique in this case is, to do a release point through her quad muscle and in this case, I’ve already cleaned the skin and I’ve already prepared the needle. So now, we’re going to do a release, and my instruction is usually you’ll feel a bit of a twitch or deep ache into the muscle. So I’ve put the needle into the muscle and there’s a little twitch or deep ache feeling and the needle comes out. Usually after that we would re-check the motion to see if Sherry’s hip feels a little bit better now. The muscle has released and that helps us to improve mobility in different joints in the body.

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