Icepacks Are Helpful For Acute Injuries

Do you have an acute injury? Go over on your ankle trail running or playing soccer? slip in the wet leaves? Check out our video on what you can use to help settle things down.

What is this you ask? If we pull away, you can see, this almost looks like fish eggs, but it’s a little icepack that we use at Body Works here and we give to clients sometimes to help them with treating their injuries. So if you have an acute injury, you can always apply ice to that area, in this case, with these little beads we can sort of heat it up as well, put it in the microwave for a short period of time and then apply it your area of injury.

So if you have an acute injury, rest, ice, compression, elevation or RICE are the best solutions. If you have more questions check out our website or give us a call.