Knee Ligament Injury

Are you skiing this Christmas season? Concerned about knee injury? Listen in to hear more about knee ligament injury and how to know if you may have injured your ACL. We are happy to help you- Call us to help you with any injury or prevention for knee injuries.

Hi, this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy and today I want to talk about ligament injuries in the knee, specifically the anterior cruciate ligament or ACL.

So we’ve talked about the ACL before which is a ligament inside the knee which kind of runs front to back in the knee and prevents some shearing forces in the knee. But the question often is, did I injure my ACL and if so, what would it present like?

So typically people injure their ACL either through a hyper extension injury which is like a shearing force of the lower part of the knee forward where they can get a pop or click sensation; or if they’re standing on one knee and cut sharply and they pivot on the knee. Sometimes you can get to a point where the ligament is torn.

Typically people will feel a pop or click suddenly and the knee feels unstable. You’re not necessarily going to get swelling right away at the time. But if someone has heard a pop or click with a movement like I described they should have it investigated to be sure if they’ve torn this ligament or not.