Lateral Elbow Pain – What is Tennis Elbow?

Do you have elbow pain?  You may have tennis elbow!  Watch for information about what tennis elbow is and how it happens.

Hi, this is Dana Ranahan at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy, North Vancouver and today we’re here to talk about tennis elbow. What is tennis elbow? If any of you had a lateral elbow pain the actual technical name is called Lateral Epicondylitis which is a mouthful, so tennis elbow is the more common term. Effectively, tennis elbow is pain right at the bony insertion where the forearm muscles attach in the elbow, so you’ll get point pain through here and any pain usually when you use your arm so if you lift your wrist.

Hold there David and then you push on it or load it, it’ll create pain and usually it comes on because some of the forearm muscles have become super tight and it creates more tension at this attachment point. There’s various reasons that you can have pain at the elbow, sometimes it ties to the shoulder and neck as well, so we look globally to try help work on better mechanics to get this pain to settle and get your muscles work better.

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