Running With Knee Pain?

Back to school means the start of cross country running season! Are you getting back into running? Have you Set a plan for more regular runs this fall? Training for an event?

Listen in to our case study on knee pain with running and a simple example of how to resolve knee pain and get back to full running pain free.

Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy, and today we want to talk about a patient case study. For a lot of you runners out there now are starting to train for cross country season which is coming up. We have Alicia here, who has been doing some running, looking for cross country season and having knee pain. So she has come into the clinic with some knee pain and we want to take a look at how’s she’s standing and how’s she’s moving on one leg because that helps us to decide, what might be causing the pain.

So we’re going to have her stand on her right leg, so stand on your right leg, and we can see that she has a little bit of a turn in of her knee and her foot wants to collapse but she’s not doing too badly with that. And when she stands on that right leg and she does a little quarter squat, keep going up and down, we want to look at the alignment of her knee. And right now she’s doing a pretty good job but sometimes the knee wants to come in or the knee wants to go out, so if the knee collapses like she’s doing now, then that’s definitely going to cause a lot of pain through the knee.

So one of the things we worked on was some strengthening through the hip and some strengthening through the knee and working on control of alignment, so that when’s she’s running and she can impact she’ll control the position of her knee better. And over time, as she gets stronger, then her knee pain subsided over a period of a few weeks.

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