What Is IMS?

Hi, this is Dana Ranahan, I’m a physiotherapist at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy here in North Vancouver and I’m here today to show you a technique called intramuscular stimulation, otherwise known as IMS. It’s a technique where we use an acupuncture needle to help release a tight muscle in the body. So in this case, I have Nannette here with me as a patient and I’m going to be doing a little release through Nannette’s forearm muscle.

So first off, we usually take an alcohol swab and clean the area and I’ve already prepared the needle to be used. Now we use the needle into the muscle to help release tension. So I put the needle into the muscle, it creates a little twitch in the muscle and then out it comes. This is a great technique that we use to help get people moving and we can use it in different parts of the body. The demonstration today was in the elbow.

So for more information, check out our website and we look forward to get you moving again.