Whiplash Neck Strain Injury

Hope you’ve managed to navigate the snow this week! Have you had a slip and fall or car accident? Listen in for some simple tips to help. If you’ve been injured please don’t hesitate to call us for help. We work to keep you moving and feeling better!

Hi, this is Dana Ranahan from Body Work Sports Physiotherapy, and today I want to talk about car accidents. We’ve had a lot of snow in the Vancouver area the last few days. And a lot of people stayed at home with some snow days, which was great, but it’s also been a bit treacherous out there on the roads.

So we know that many of you may have had some fender benders or car accidents and hoping that you’re not injured too much if that’s the case. If so, what commonly can happen as you can get kind of whipping action of your head and neck and develop a bit of a whiplash. So if you’re having neck pain or headaches or nausea, any symptoms like that or back pain, definitely it’s worth getting it checked out and getting a little bit of treatment to help you out.

Basic principles would be to use some ice and take some rest for a couple of days, but don’t stop moving, as long as you can avoid pain. Just doing some easy range of movement and taking it easy are the beginning steps to help you recovering from a whiplash like injury.

So we wish you well. We hope you’ve been safe on the roads. If you have more questions about how to take care of yourself after an injury, please give us a call or check out our website at www.body-works.ca