Neck Pain

Neck PainNeck pain is very common and can be related to poor posture as well as injury. Also, neck pain can come on from repetitive use in sport or other activities such as gardening.

​A lot of us are sitting at computer for long periods, commuting, and using devices to communicate, text or email. All of these activities can lead to poor movement patterns, and ultimately neck pain and headaches.

You can do something about this by learning how to improve your posture and taking frequent breaks in the day.


A good assessment of what part of the neck has been affected, such as the muscles, nerves, or joints, can help to direct the treatment.​

Once we have assessed your neck to determine the type of injury, treatment can begin. This will address restrictions in mobility, pain reduction, exercises for strengthening weak muscles, and stretching for tight muscles. Also, you can learn how to set up your work station, and how to hold better posture to help your neck heal in a better position.

For neck pain related to sport, we will assess in a similar manner. We will also refer back to the sport and its specific requirements, to determine how to alleviate recurrences and improve biomechanics to keep you doing what you love to do.

For more information on neck pain and how we can help you reduce neck pain or heal from a neck injury, contact us for more information. We look forward to helping you relieve neck pain and move better!


You may have developed a whiplash type of injury from a fall or a motor vehicle accident. Whiplash can be a troublesome injury and take some time to heal.

As an additional resource for neck injury related to Whiplash, please refer to the Whiplash Injury Recovery booklet.

Learn More about Treatment for Neck Pain

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