Do you have Knee Pain? North Vancouver

Assessing your Knee! Do you have Knee Pain?

Hi there. This is Dana Ranahan of Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver and today I’m going to talk about assessing the knee. We see a lot of knee pain in runners and different types of athletes and soccer players. So first off I’m going to just take a look at some basic assessment that we can look at the knee. First we might want to look at mobility of the knee and how the knee bends and if it’s able to go into its full motions into a bend and this knee is moving quite nicely here in a full bend. We also then look at extension to see how it is and determining if there is any swelling or pain the person would have told us while were looking at. Often then we’ll look at stress testing some of the ligaments if it’s been a sporting injury and we would do a more specific motion. In this case we would look at stressing the ACL. So we would go through a whole host of tests to determine what we think is wrong with the knee, whether there’s a ligament sprain or a muscle sprain and then we can tailor your rehab accordingly.

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